about mozite

MOZITE Pty Ltd is an African Female owned company registered in 2012 that has a strong passion to encourage change in the world through the development of women and young girls. we have an enduring love for the African continent and her people. we work with people of different cultures through an approach that embraces maturity and sensitivity.

about the founder

Tebello Mokhema is a leadership and business consultant with 20 years of experience in the management and leadership of human capital. She has held executive positions in a range of industries including banking, electricity and aviation. She has held non-executive director position in investment and education-related organizations, on a global stage. She has provided leadership skills in the development of a viable and successful regional airports leadership in Africa. She is experienced in working effectively in global organizations that are based in Africa. She has an effective project & stakeholder management skills. She is an experienced moderator and MC for large-scale international events and conferences. She is an advocate for the development of communities through the development and empowerment of women.

introduction video