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Our Story

GimsGiy, remember that name. It was in 2018 when Ida Rinsampessy received this name in a dream. A big smile adorned her face when she got up the next morning. She knew she had found her purpose in life. But, do not think Ida is a dreamy person. She will help free you from that illusion quickly.

At a very young age, this Moluccan lady had to find her way in the Dutch language and culture. As a karate champion, she was at the top for many years. When she became seriously ill, she was told by her physician there was nothing more he could do and she had to get ready to say her goodbyes. She asked him politely whether he was crazy or not, took matters in her own hands and healed herself. Her inner strength and positivity proved to be incredibly strong. For that reason, we believe, GimsGiy belongs to Ida.

Connect people all around the globe!

We can offer our customers GimsGiy webhosting, GimsGiy videocalling, GimsGiy Social and GimsGiyTV. Our infrastructure is based in the Netherlands and it is supplied with green energy! The less energy a data center uses, the lower the costs and the stronger the competitive position. Global warming also affects us too!

Inspire others!

Nobody is born to be a nobody! Everyone has a story to tell. GimsGiy’s mission is to help everybody to be(come) the best version of themselves. To promote equality and the freedom to choose who, what and how you want to live. All kind of positive content will help others.

Family Friendly, & affordable

All the services are family friendly, easy to use and there is no download necessary. Learn & Earn are one of the most important tools you can have with GimsGiy.

GimsGiy * is not a business – it’s transforming the world. With Ida Rinsampessy as our founder, the whole management team, all regional managers, and fans of GimsGiy, we are going to do it.


*) GimsGiy not only aims for profit but also to make a social impact. It is our strong belief that one can only take when one gives back!



It is our goal to contribute in a positive change of the current economy, which in recent years has caused polarization in both social and environmental areas. GimsGiy wants to base its business operations not only on the financial aspect, but even more on the impact economy.


For GimsGiy a philosophical view is just as important as profit alone. GimsGiy is different because our philosophy is what drives us. We believe that 'health' also means that in addition to your physical condition, your environment and your life should be in balance.

This is why we choose to invest in a green environment (planting a tree) and our own green energy through our datacenter.